Car Polishing & Teflon Coating in Rabindra Sadan

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It is a combo of 2 services (Car Polishing + Teflon Coating) that restores your car paint and provides a smooth surface that reduces friction and wear. Our Car Polish Service is basically a traditional polish that removes paint transfer and gives extra shine to your vehicle’s body paint.

During summer, the climate of Rabindra Sadan is very harsh and this will affect the surface of your car. So, if you live in Rabindra Sadan, you must take good care of your car. National Car Polishing provides top-class Car Polishing & Teflon Coating in Rabindra Sadan with an exquisite team. We have the best car polish and Teflon service that will give your car a brand-new look. Hence, our car polish service in Rabindra Sadan the service team will effectively remove the dirt and clean the scratches and bring back the shine to your car.

Some Basic Advantages 

Advantages of the Car Polish service:

  • Special water-based polish
  • Extra Shiny for Car Body
  • Protects plastics and rubber from wear and tear
  • Eliminates paint transfer.

Advantages of Teflon coating

There are many advantages of applying Teflon coating on the body of the car, which are as follows-

  • The best advantage of applying Teflon coating is that the paint of your car will have a very attractive shine once the application process is complete.
  • Also, as long as the Teflon coating is done properly, even minor scratches in the paint disappear.
  • This coating also acts as a paint protection film by forming a layer over the car’s paint which prevents minor scratches. While most of the new-age cars come with a high gloss paint finish, applying a coat of Teflon makes the car look older for a long time.
  • Finally, applying a coat of Teflon will also extend the life of the paint, provided the application is repeated every few months.

Owning a car is one of the most expensive and important assets for a person. Therefore, since the car is such a valuable asset, it must be maintained. Generally, a car owner can focus on improving the exterior paint of the car as it gives a better impression. Keeping the focus on the exterior paint of the car gives a new look to the car. Hence, there are various methods that we use to maintain the exterior color of the car. Most of them recommended method is to apply Teflon coating. So, by applying Teflon coating over the car, the car gets an additional protective layer.

Services of Car Polishing & Teflon Coating

Process and Steps of Applying Car Polishing Service

  • Express Polish service includes:
  • internal cleaning by air and vacuum
  • Engine bay cleaning and polishing* (optional)
  • Prewash the car’s exterior, tires and mudflaps, etc. with a high-pressure water jet
  • Shampoo Application and Cleansing
  • wash the outer body of the car with water
  • automatic drying
  • Water-based polish application for exterior panels and buffing
  • Interior and exterior cleaning with specific grade micro cloth towels
  • tire polishing (optional)

Process and Steps of Applying Teflon Coating

Following are the process and steps of applying Teflon coating –

  • The entire car surface is thoroughly washed and cleaned to get rid of dust particles
  • The car body is properly cleaned and dried completely
  • Teflon coating is applied to the entire car body in a lubricated form
  • After the applied coating has completely dried, say, in 15-20 minutes, the car is polished to a spotless shiny finish by a car buffing machine.
  • The process of buffing takes no more than 30 minutes and if done properly it removes even minor scratches

This is the complete process and advantages of car polishing and getting Teflon coating. So, if you live in Rabindra Sadan or its surrounding area and want to avail this service or are interested in Car Polishing and Teflon Coating, you can directly contact National Car Polishing a top Car Polishing and Teflon Coating service provider in Rabindra Sadan You can call and book your service.

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